The Jonas Brothers Site

The Jonas Brothers is the hottest new band in the cbyermusicspace. Already they have millions of fans frantically clambering just to touch fringe of their jackets and be healed!

Yes, the Jonas Brothers are different indeed. They have chosen to wear PURITY RINGS! These rings only come of after marriage. It’s a symbol of their vow to remain chaste while they are not yet married. Yes, many girls out there would love to be the ones to remove those purity rings, even for just a night.

For you girls who want updates, the best site I have seen on the Jonas Brothers is The Jonas Brothers Site

Check it out. It’s got lots of rare pictures of The Jo Bros and even their so called girlfriends. For you aspiring to be their next girlfriends, here’s your hitlist:

Nick Jonas Girlfriend: They say it was Miley Cyrus from the Hannah Montana show.

Kevin Jonas Girlfriend: For this one, a lot of press say he went out with Zoey Myers

Joe Jonas Girlfriend: Aj Michalka was rumored to have dated and lip locked with this Jonas.


Tania Zaetta sex claims with Australian Soldiers

There have been news claims in Australia that Bollywood actress, singer, and radio show host Tania Zaetta had sex with Australian soldiers while entertaining them in Afghanistan. The actress denies said allegations. The news leaked in to Australian press and has been a source of controversy.

Tania Zaetta said to had sex with soldiers after entertaining them in afghanistan

Australian military chief official is deeply sorry for the leaking of such unfounded claims. According to The ” Air Chief Marshal Houston said there was no evidence that anything like that occurred during a concert tour Zaetta participated in during April.”

Marchall has spoken with all of those stars involved. He expresses his great disappointment at what happened. However they are still disposed to continue the entertainment for the troops.

The air chief marshal will deliver not only a personal apology but also a public one to bollywood hollywood pictures news online and on live media.

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